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Vitraag Jain Shwetambar Sangh (VJSS), Sydney INC is a non-profit organization. As being a non-profit organization, all activities are funded by donors (Shravaks / Shravikas) like you or institutions.

VJSS conducts many religious activities throughout the year; donor (Shravak / Shravika) can participate by contributing financial donation towards various funds / accounts as follows.

Shubh Sarva Sadharan
Donation towards Shubh Sarva Sadharan fund will be utilized towards all general events organized by VJSS.

Dev Dravya
Donation towards Dev Dravya fund will be utilized towards Derasar maintenance, Commodities and any other Miscellaneous Items used for our Arihant idols.

Gyan / Pathshala
Donation towards Gyan / Pathshala fund will be utilized for kids and elders to educate about Jain religion principles, rituals as well as conducting Shibir for various age groups to provide knowledge of Jainism.

Donation towards Ayambil fund will be utilized to manage Ayambil event expenses that includes; food, venue hire and miscellaneous expenses. VJSS host Ayambil event twice a year during Navpadji Ni Oli in month of March / April and September / October

Snatra Pooja
Donation towards Snatra Puja fund will be utilized to manage Snatra Pooja event expenses that includes; food, venue hire and miscellaneous expenses. VJSS host Snatra Pooja event twice a year

Jeev Daya
Donation towards Jeev Daya fund will be utilized to save animals lives (“Jeev”) and also providing better life to animals that includes; better nutrition, food, medical treatment, accommodation and living environment

Sadharmik Vatsalya / Swami Vatsalya
Sadharmik Vatsalya is one of the Kartavya of Maha Parva Paryushan that has great significance as it is said to be an equivalent of 25th Tirthankar. Donation to Sadharmik Vatsalya / Swami Vatsalya fund is in the form of “AANI”. Donation of Aanis will be utilized towards Swami Vatsalya event expenses that includes; food, venue hire and miscellaneous expenses. One Aani value is $125. Shravak / Shravika can donate more than one Aani.

Bhoomi Daan (Daan is itself means donation)
Bhoomi Daan is an on-going fund that is being utilized towards the purchased land in Girraween for our Shikharbandhi project. Contribution towards Bhoomi Daan goes towards Sarva Sadharan and donation is taken in the form of Square Meters. Contribution of One (1) Square Meter of a land is of AU$500. Donor who contributes donation of 5 or more square meters, then the labharthi’s name will be displayed on the “Takhti” once our project is accomplished

If you need more information on any of the above financial donation, then please send us an email to accounts@vitraagjainsangh.org with your details and one of the Committee Member will be contact you

How to make Donation
Within Australia?

1. Bank/Electronic Transfer/Credit Card: To transfer donation amount electronically. Please see below our bank details.

BSB: 062018
Account No. 1023 2197
Account Name: Vitraag Jain Shwetambar Sangh
Bank Name: Commonwealth Bank of Australia, Sydney

*Please mention the category of donation in the description

2. Cheque: Please make cheque or money order payable to Vitraag Jain Shwetambar Sangh and mail it to: 3408/68 Market Street Sydney NSW 2000

For any donation related inquiry please contact info@vitraagjainsangh.org