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If India is a constellation of several religions, Jainism is the brightest stars amongst it for the last two and a half millennium years. Our Jain brothers and sisters have always been held the flag of Jain Shasan very high wherever they are in the world; and Sydney is not an exception. In spite of the din and bustle of Sydney, they managed to take out time to perform Pratikaman during Paryushan.

During the 2007 Paryushan, We decided to form an organization where all Jains can congregate and practice this wonderful religion. Since its inception, Vitraag has grown by leaps and bounds organizing various religious activities and attracting members all along.

The increasing enthusiasm and involvement of participants from our binannual Snatra Pooja & monthly Samuh Samayik led us to organize our first mega event – a discourse by Munishree Jinchandraji (Bandhu Triputi). Soon after, Vitraag started the e-bulletin ‘Shrutvaani’, arranged group Ayambil Tap & Samuh Ekashna which attracted devotees all across Sydney.

It was decided to conduct Mahavir Janma Vanchan Mahotsav by displaying all the dreams (14 Swapnas) that occurred to Trishla Mata – the mother of Lord Mahavir. The function became memorable for its huge
attendance, cultural programs and Swami Vatsalya – a first of its kind in Sydney.