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Shri Navpadji Oli Tap festivals are considered to be Shaswati, meaning permanent. It means Navpadji Oli festivals exist in all time cycles (past, present and future). During these days, everyday worship is offered to the Navpad. Each day of nine days’ festival is devoted to nine pads of Siddhachakra.

Shri Siddhachakraji

The Siddhachakra is the Wheel of Perfection

This mandala of the siddhachakra is the purest form of meditation.

There are nine points of energies, which are harmonised in one mandala.

  1. In the centre is the Arihant – the embodied liberated soul
  2. On the top of the Arihant is the Siddha – the perfect supreme soul
  3. On the right side of the Arihant is Acharya – example of teaching and practice
  4. Below Arihant is Upadhyaya – a Jain religious teacher
  5. On the left of the Arihant is the Sadhu – living simplicity
  6. Between the Siddha and Acharya represents faith (Darshan)
  7. Between the Acharya and Upadhyaya represent knowledge (Gyan)
  8. Between the Upadhyaya represents conduct (Charitra)
  9. Between the Sadhu and Siddha represents penance and forbearance (Tapa)


During these nine days, we should do Ayambil, where we eat once in a day in one sitting. The food contains only cereals and pulses not sprouted. It is simple spice free food which is boiled or cooked without milk, curd, ghee, oil, oil seeds, green/raw vegetables, fruits and sugar. Of course, NO ROOTS.

If you are unable to do Ayambil, PLEASE try to do the following:

  • Do Chauvihaar as many days as possible – at least do over the weekend
  • Do not eat roots, bread, butter, cheese, ice-cream in these 9 days
  • Do Logassa, Khamasana and Navkarvalis as many days as possible – at least do over the weekend


The ritual of Shri Navpadji Oli is done in the following way.

Navpadji Oli Apr 2022

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