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The Jain Order is known as the Jain Sangh. Each Tirthankara revitalizes the Jain order. The current Jain Sangh was re-established by Lord Mahaveera, who was the 24th and the last Tirthankar of the current time period. The Jain Sangh is composed of the following four groups:

1. Sadhus (Monks)
2. Sadhvis (Nuns)
3. Shravaks (Male householders)
4. Shravikas (Female householders)

As per Jainisam Jain Sangh is our 25th Tirthankar. All Shravaks and Shravikas should take ‘labh’ by participating or offering different services to sangh.
VJSS organizes many monthly and yearly events throughout the year which requires sopports and participations by our Sangh.

Please submit the below form indicating areas of your interest and availability, which will help us to improve our services and can strengthen our Sang. You will be contacted by Sangh representative at an appropriate time.

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    Audio Video SetupAangi & Derasar DecorationActing/ChoreographyAdmin / ITEvent ManagementGujarati TypingFood Preparation / CookingStage DecorationMusic & SingingWeb & GraphicsAccountsVideographyPhotographyPathshalaSamayikCivil Engineering


    Would you like to register for weekend morning or afternoon Pooja? Training will be provided. (Your turn will come depends on your availability of the month)