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“If education is to have an ethical dimension, delight must be concomitant with moral education.”

VJSS Pathshala (school of philosophy and practice) is held to teach Jainism to students of all ages.

VJSS is offering various levels of Kids Pathshala programme for your kid’s benefits. The programme teaches kids on Jain religion principles, Sutras (Gatha), Stutis/Stavans and gives them opportunity to explore their culture.

Kids need to experience activities that are challenging, inspiring and fun. VJSS children have various activities during the year besides religious studies.

VJSS activities includes exercises to improve concentration, self-confidence, self-defence, stage performances, fun and games, quiz competition and learning Gujarati phonetics / alphabets. This is a unique experience for many children, because in addition to learning religion, they also learn to take care of themselves and help others.

Children look forward to coming to the Pathshala and Activities sessions. They are encouraged to socially interact with their peers. As a result they have strong social bonds and they realize they are the beneficiaries of a rich and glorious culture. In VJSS we nurture our future.

The future of our community depends on them. The next generation will be the stewards of our community. We expect these children to be the future leaders of our community and reach undreamed of heights.

“If we want our young to succeed in this endeavour, pleasure should mingle with instructions.”
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Pathshala and Gujarati Class Timings

Pathshala & Gujarati Class are integrated into Samayik timings which is usually first Sunday of the calendar month. Please refer below for 2020 calendar.


2020 - Pathshala Calendar


Venue: Model Farms High School | Gooden Dr, Baulkham Hills NSW 2153
Please Note: Entry via Redmond Ave

Samayik Location

Please contact on jvs@vitraagjainsangh.org for further information.